Pretty Blue Pill

Obama’s poll numbers

Hey guys, I think I finally figured out why Obama’s personal poll numbers are relatively high (though they’re descending all the time), yet the numbers for his policies are atrocious.

OK, here’s my theory, the Dems, along with help from their Hollywood buds have done a number on America in creating the perception that any criticism of Obama is the result of racist thinking. This effectively places Obama above reproach, which is the most un-American thing you can do in politics.

Now, never mind the fact that I’m blacker than Obama, and I think his policies stink. So I must be racist against myself, I suppose. Thanks Janeane!

Never mind the fact that conservatives were protesting the Dems’ tax and spend tactics LONG before any of us had even heard the name Barack Hussein Obama.

At any rate, most Americans have unfortunately bought into the lie. So although a majority of Americans will soundly reject Obama’s socialist policies, they are afraid to tie those feelings to him for fear of having some Hollywood socialist show up and label them a racist too.

Gotta love that liberal rationale. Don’t focus on the issues, just call names. Wow! Just when I was starting to miss the third grade.


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