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Liberal Kindness

One of the many things that frustrates me about liberals is the false impressions they create. For example, one of the talking points we’ll hear about over the next few weeks and months is the fact that conservatives don’t care about people, that we only care for ourselves.

And the tragedy is that many people—including conservatives—have come to believe that. And why not? It’s all you hear. Even the national media (maybe I should say, especially the nation media) plays into this notion. That Liberals are just the most caring folks. Meanwhile conservatives are busy hoarding all our dough.

The only problem with all this is that, like so much of modern Liberalism, it’s a complete lie.

Statistics show that conservatives are much more likely to donate their money and their time to charities (both religious and secular) than are liberals. Even though liberals actually make more money, a recent survey showed that conservative-headed households were 30% more likely to give to charity than liberal households.

In fact, if you split the 50 states in half based on giving (put the 25 most charitable states in group 1 and the 25 least charitable in group 2), in 2004 Bush won 24 of the 25 states in group 1.

So we conservatives believe the way to help people is to give our money. Unfortunately, liberals also believe the best way to help people is to give of OUR money. But they want to give our money to the government.

My point?

Conservatives want the same thing that liberals SAY they want. That is, to help people. But we have a different way to accomplish it. And the fact is: YOUR WAY ISN’T WORKING!

Liberals have been “helping” black people for 40 years. And look at what’s happened during that time. The black family has been destroyed, STD instances have skyrocketed, there are more black men in jail than ever before, our race is dwindling because of 400,000 abortions a year (we used to be the largest minority group—not anymore), and 70% of our children are born into out of wedlock situations. None of these things were a problem before the socialists started “helping” us.

And the reality is that black people in America who live in areas where conservatives are political leaders are FAR (and I mean FAR) better off than blacks who live in areas dominated by liberal politicians. Socialism doesn’t work.

So please stop helping!

You’re killing us with kindness.

If you want to help, do what the Tuohy family, who inspired “The Blind Side” movie, did—find someone who needs help and HELP THEM!!!!

Why do you have to bring the government into it?

The truth is, you don’t. And you shouldn’t.


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  1. RE: ‘Liberals have been “helping” black people for 40 years.’

    That is a point which has been almost entirely lost upon people, most notably, and sadly ironically upon the black population.

    Thomas Sowell, who won a Noble in economics when it was actually meaningful, has raised some interesting points on this little known fact.

    In the bigger picture the destructive, oppressive nature of government is not confined to matters of race. The fact is that any time the govenrment claims it is going to “help” it almost always does more harm.

    Sometimes that is the result of incompetence and the inherent failures of government and central planning.

    Often however it is directly attributable to the well-informed decisions of those in power to consolidate and secure their power and wealth through the subjugation of others.

    In other words, they know the consequences of their actions will be to erode the social, political and economic freedoms of individuals; it is all entirely intentional.

    This is done slowly at first but then when individuals are too weak to defend themselves the change happens suddenly and rapidly. It is how one boils a frog.

    Comment by nietzscheshammer | March 24, 2010 | Reply

  2. Liberals have to create false impressions, because the reality of who they are is so unattractive they can’t reveal themselves.

    If there’s one bright spot in the current situation with the Democrats in the White House and Congress, it’s that they’re getting over-confident and careless with their disguises. The American people needed desperately to start seeing reality and right now, the ugliness of liberalism is slapping them in the face nearly every day.

    Comment by Critical Political Thinking - rbs | March 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes, dems are definitely getting cocky. They’ve already shown their hand and hopefully we’ll get America-loving citizens to come out in November and turn this thing around!

      Comment by Emmitt Langley | March 24, 2010 | Reply

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